Chronic Pain

PSP Chronic Pain Restorative Care Pathway

Restorative medicine combines cutting-edge treatments to manage pain symptoms while simultaneously promoting fitness and function through physical and chiropractic therapy. Our goal is to develop optimal physical and psychological wellness through healthy behaviors. We work to achieve this by introducing evidence-based, safe medical therapies to dial down your pain level. Then, as you feel better, we support lifestyle changes which more appropriately provide long-term benefits.

No two individuals are alike and PSP providers work as a team to personalize the right therapies that meet your specific needs through our restorative pathway. The pathway is designed to take a stepwise approach to trialing the lowest risk and least invasive care strategies first and, if needed, we move along the pathway to take more aggressive methods to treat your pain.

Stage 1 Evaluation

One of the keys to a successful treatment involves establishing an accurate diagnosis. In this stage, most care decisions are focused on obtaining old and new studies, performing nerve injections that help pinpoint the source of pain and referring to specialists. With our multidisciplinary approach, PSP physical therapists and chiropractors assist physicians in discovering your core condition.

At this stage, we try to keep medications and procedures to a minimum and promote diet and exercise as the primary means to live with chronic pain. Building fitness through exercise decreases pain through improved biomechanics and enhances natural pain processing. Diet plays a role by decreasing inflammation. Starting with overall health-promoting activities serves as the foundation for all the care that we provide along the restorative pathway.

Stage 2 Conservative Treatment

PSP is focused on tracking progress with therapy and attending to the level of pain severity. Every patient’s condition is unique, and his or her physical ability varies. At this stage, we emphasize the use of precision-guided injections and medications as tools to help break the cycle of pain. Emphasis is still placed on lifestyle changes that include building strength and promoting behavioral coping mechanisms that allow you to live optimally with chronic intractable pain.

Our philosophy with medications is to start with the safest medications at the lowest dose first and slowly increase over time depending on your needs. Attending to your health and meeting your pain treatment needs is a fine balance we focus on.

All our injections take place in our office so that we can combine physical therapy with interventional care. We also offer the option to have procedures performed in an ambulatory surgical center where we may provide monitored anesthesia care to allow sedation.

Stage 3 Advanced Palliative Treatment

While PSP is committed to conservative strategies, we also take pride in offering the most cutting edge therapies for the treatment of pain. Our specialists are key opinion leaders in the field of neuromodulation, which applies advanced technological devices such as spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal drug delivery to treat the most severe pain conditions.

At this stage, the goal of care is simply to palliate or decrease pain symptoms. We emphasize improving the quality of life and reaching personal physical and emotional goals enabled through our innovative technology options.

At PSP, we take pride in finding the right treatment options that suit our patients’ unique circumstance.