How We Treat Chronic Pain

Complex Chronic Pain Care

Chronic pain is a devastating medical condition. Too many patients suffer in silence because the traditional medical care has not found easy treatment options.

At Philadelphia Smart Pain & Wellness, we treat the whole person and think outside the box by offering cutting edge therapies to help change our patients' lives. We try to make an impact at the cellular level and address the underlying problems that cause chronic pain. This takes time and courage and we provide a caring environment and partnership in the effort to make a transformation.

Many chronic pain conditions are due to abnormalities in the nervous system. Pain is amplified and the nerves become sensitized to the state of hurting.

Our goal of care is to dial down the pain process. We approach this through a various overlapping therapies. Our first focus is focusing on the foundation of health such as diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. By decreasing inflammation, this will positively impact pain processing. We offer counseling services to improve these components of health.

Coinciding with these therapies, we offer traditional medical management care, injections and other therapies such as ketamine infusions, pain pumps, nerve stimulators and other therapies to help block the pain at various areas in the efforts to turn down that pain dial.

It takes effort and commitment, but our complex chronic pain care model has proven results and is a uniquely transformative experience.


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