Injury Care

PSP Injury Care Restorative Pathway

Restorative medicine is an approach to injury care that combines cutting-edge treatments to manage pain symptoms while simultaneously promoting fitness and function through physical and chiropractic therapy. At PSP, we promote a culture of healing through our innovative model. Our goal is to support your progress through the four stages of the PSP Restorative Pathway. While you will find an overlap between these stages, we personalize our therapies to provide the right care at the right time so you can recover at your pace.


Stage 1 Palliative Stage

Injuries traumatize your body and may cause inflammation, structural damage and pain. Fortunately, the body is designed to heal and repair the tissue damage. The first stage of the pathway emphasizestherapies that reduce swelling and decrease pain.

Therapist Care: PSP chiropractors and physical therapists will use "passive" treatments such as electrical stimulation, heat, massage, traction and other modalities to address pain symptoms. Providers may distribute durable medical equipment for use at home. Even though you may hurt, it is critically important to avoid inactivity as movement supports blood flow which is needed for optimal healing conditions.

Physician Care: PSP physicians emphasize establishing a diagnosis, which is not always obvious. It may take various studies, tests and specialist referrals to help identify the core cause of dysfunction. At this stage, providers may offer interventional procedures to reduce severe pain symptoms. It is important to note that selective nerve and joint injections aid in establishing a diagnosis. We may prescribe medications, but will emphasize safety and minimizing dosage if this is needed.