Dr. Grodofsky is committed to partnering with his patients to restore health and strength in the face of pain. He is double board-certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology and received his training at the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his medical school at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He was awarded the Sir James Young Simpson Award in Residency for showing promise in the field of pain management. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications and has been identified as an emerging leader in the field of neuromodulation. Dr. Grodofsky is devoted to family. His wife Melissa works in the practice and his favorite activity includes spending time with his two daughters.


Amber Nauman PT, DPT brings her dedication to physical therapy and rehab to reinforce the multidisciplinary approach taken by Philadelphia Smart Pain & Wellness. Amber was raised in Lancaster, PA, and excelled in her training at Temple University where she received a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and later as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has an incredible ability to listen, educate, and “push” her patients the right amount. When she’s not in the clinic, Amber enjoys the outdoors, hammocking, and renovating her back yard.