Philadelphia Smart Pain & Wellness is committed to solving the toughest challenges in chronic pain in a multidisciplinary setting by combining multiple therapies to help our patients.

It is with this spirit, that we are happy to collaborate closely with the globally respected Dr. Robert Echenberg, MD. Dr. Echenberg is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. After spending decades providing support to women in labor, he became troubled by the fact that many doctors did not understand how to evaluate and treat chronic pelvic pain. Over the years, he has dedicated his career to providing a unique and proven model of care to treat pain. In addition to helping countless men and women living with these challenging problems, he is the co-author of “Secret Suffering” and a highly sought after educator and speaker.

Pelvic pain occurs in both women and men. He treats symptoms affected the genitalia (vulvodynia, clitoral pain, persistent genital arousal disorder, testicle, and penile pain), in the pelvic floor (high tone pelvic floor dysfunction, muscle spasms, pain after childbirth), the urinary tract (interstitial cystitis) and other painful disorders. He is licensed in sexual therapy and addresses interrelationship problems related to these conditions.

His practice, The Echenberg Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Pain is now located in Philly Smart Pain offices in Bala Cynwyd and Allentown. We are creating a collaborative approach to provide solutions for the whole person as many individuals with pelvic pain also suffer from back pain, headaches, and other conditions.