Why am I passionate about spinal cord stimulation?

Because I hate that pain impairs the quality of life of so many of my patients. While I generally prefer natural approaches, complex pain may not respond to traditional strategies. Spinal Cord Stimulation is a safe and cutting-edge treatment that has transformed the lives of so many of my patients.

What is it?

Spinal cord stimulation directs electrical impulses to your nervous system that scrambles pain signals that are traveling to your brain. The therapy is delivered through a thin wire, called a stimulator lead, that is placed in the spinal canal and near selected nerves. The stimulator lead is connected to a battery-powered impulse pulse generator, that controls the system. 

Is this right for you?

Spinal cord stimulation is indicated for chronic pain, especially when it is caused by nerve damage. The most common conditions are failed-back or failed-neck surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, brachial plexopathy, radiculopathy, and neuropathy.

Don’t let pain take over your life.

You may consider an invasive procedure where medical technology is implanted into your body as a last resort. However, research shows that the longer you live with pain, the more time your body learns how to “be in pain.” This makes it even harder to manage. 

Pain is a silent disease, but I will not stand quiet knowing I have a powerful tool that we can use to tackle this condition.

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