Total Spine Care

Philadelphia Smart Pain & Wellness applies the right care for your condition through our Total Spine Care model.

Unfortunately, many pain management doctors only mask symptoms without addressing the underlying problems. In addition, physical therapy may not meet the work for the most advanced spine conditions and surgery should be sought as a last resort.

At Philadelphia Smart Pain & Wellness, we serve as your home for back and neck pain and guide you through the full continuum of treatment options to find the therapy that meets your needs.

We offer:

Physical Therapy

Diagnostic Evaluations

Durable Medical Equipment

Fluoroscopic (X-ray) Guided Injections (Epidurals, facet injections)

Minimally Invasive Outpatient Surgical Care

The foundation of the total spine care model starts with optimizing health and wellness. We emphasize back health, exercise, and posture, through personalized one-to-one physical therapy.

In certain conditions, conservative options are simply not enough. Specialists at Philadelphia Smart Pain & Wellness offer the most cutting edge, minimally invasive therapies to address the underlying derangement causing your pain. Our range of procedures includes injections, ablations, decompression and other spine surgeries that use small incisions and minimal tissue trauma. We also specialize in advanced pain therapies such as pain pumps, spinal cord stimulators, and ketamine infusions when surgery is not the best option.

Back and neck pain affects one out of three people and there is no treatment where one size fits. Our Total Spine Care model finds the right care for the personalized needs of each patient.