What do we treat?

What do we treat?

At PSP, we focus on optimizing function while treating pain through our restorative care model. We pride ourselves on our expertise in treating injuries (from work, motor vehicle accident or sports), chronic intractable pain and degenerative conditions.

Our vision is to move beyond disease management and instead focus on promoting health and wellness. If you have any condition causing pain, from head to toe, we are pleased to be your partners in care.

Restorative Pathway Approach to Care

Because no two patients are ever alike, we never take a cookie cutter approach to care. We establish a restorative pathway approach for each patient which acts as a roadmap to wellness. The pathway allows a team-based approach, bringing our team of therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, surgeons and “care-angels” together to provide the array of treatment options that work for you.

The fundamental principle of the restorative model is first to develop a plan that builds strength and promotes healthy habits and behaviors. As needed, in the subsequent stages, medications, injections, minimally invasive procedures and corrective surgeries are introduced to help each patient reach his or her restorative goals. Each pathway introduces treatments with the least risk at first and, as needed, offers more advanced and invasive methods to treat pain.